5 apartments for sale with existing rental concept, Acquaseria

Via Lario 1, Acquaseria

Starting price:

€ 85000




PLEASE NOTE 5 apartments for sale:

Investor / investor sought to buy 5 apartments at a time in residence Villaggio Lago di Como on Lake Como.

The 5 apartments for sale have an existing rental concept, have superhost status on Airbnb.

Several years of track record. Turnover figures can be requested.

Ideally, the 5 apartments should be rented through our rental company, but that is a wish, not a requirement.

The 5 apartments cost about the same as a row house in Amsterdam 10% return per year well feasible.
I am the exclusive seller.

Purchase price from €85,000 per apartment, view each apartment for the specific purchase price.

Location: Acquaseria, San Siro, Lake Como, Italy.

View the five apartments individually:
Cipresso 17

Ulivo 7

Ulivo 5

Ulivo 27

Ulivo 4

NOTE: these apartments are also for sale separately!

Are you interested in these apartments for sale, want more information or want to view? Please contact me by mail or phone.


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